We recently picked up a copy of Zac Posen’s new cookbook, Cooking with Zac (Rodale, 2017). An established name in fashion, this is Zac’s first foray into the world of cookbooks, and let’s just say, the results are just as gorgeous as you’d expect. There’s a ton of visual candy here, and the lush food stylings of Victoria Granof are nothing short of exquisite. Mixing in glamorous, colourful florals, textiles and other fashion-focused items help bring the images to life in a very unique way; creating a luxurious, organic aesthetic that is simply beautiful.

What’s more, the food here feel unfussy and approachable at heart, which clearly speak to Zac’s sensibilities as a home cook — and perhaps a designer, too. Everything looks drop dead gorgeous for the camera, but the recipes themselves are functional on the whole for the everyday reader.

Cooking with Zac – Photo via Amazon

The book is cleverly organized by season, which just makes sense considering who the author is. Peppered with inspiring tales of Zac’s travels around the globe, it’s sometimes easy to forget the man is only 37 years old, as he’s already accomplished so much. This is definitely an aspirational book for any fashion or food lover — and if you’re both, well, you’re in luck!

Cooking with Zac – Photo via Amazon

We opted to make the Hot Chocolate Bundt Cake, a stunner of a dessert that’s made with, you guessed it — hot cocoa mix. It has an ultra rich chocolatey flavour, without coming off cloyingly sweet. It’s a great option for company, and would make a great showpiece during the holidays (which are, eek – not too far off!)

Zac Posen’s Hot Chocolate Bundt Cake – Photo by The Food Gays

If you’re looking for a new cookbook, you’ll definitely want to check out Cooking with Zac. It’s a gorgeously curated selection of recipes, stories, and memories.