The lines keep getting longer and the food just keeps on coming at Tasting Plates Vancouver, organized by Richard Wolak, a.k.a Vancouver Foodster. Since we started food blogging last summer, the numbers have definitely grown in interest, making this event a must for anyone interesting in trying new foods and exploring restaurants and cafes around our lovely city.


As per usual, the lovely Alyssa Dawson was there for Novus TV, doing some filming with Richard. Here’s the last few videos incase your interested in having a look.

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This particular Tasting Plates adventure was centered around East Vancouver, the Commercial Drive neighbourhood specifically — with 7 restaurants with 3½ hours to check them all off our list.

We met up with food blogger Grace Cheung, and decided her route was PERFECT for us too.  The plan was hit up Siddharthas Indian Kitchen, Prado Cafe, Gelateria Dolce Amore, Pasture to Plate, Le Mezcaleria (Mezcal), Via Tevere Pizzeria and last but not least a new place Five Elements Cafe.


Chef Sidd and his team were serving up Aloo Tiki (which Adrian always likes at Siddhartha’s), and the “surprise dish” item was the Chicken Ball, which Jeremy really enjoyed.

Siddhartha's Indian Kitchen on Urbanspoon


It’s Sammy Piccolo in the flesh! Team Prado were serving up iced coffee, iced tea and macchiatos made by the Man himself, pairing the drinks with “no-name” mini cookies.  Their iced coffee is very bright, and totally made Jeremy  go “Ooooohh!”

Prado Cafe on Urbanspoon


Next up was Pasture to Plate. We always walk up and down Commercial Drive peeking our eyes throw the windows — but you know that feeling when you don’t know exactly what your looking for? It kind of kept us from going inside before. This Tasting Plates gave us an opportunity to finally see the inside of this place and what the had to offer.


We never knew that Pasture to Plate serves Organic and Bio-Dynamic meat — meaning that they use no pharmaceuticals or chemicals on the grounds or animals. They strive for Happy Animals to provide delicious meat to their customers, and from what we tasted, we’d have to say their products are pretty darn tasty!


Some bite sized offerings, ranging from Sausages on fork sticks to a Mini pizzetta made with Caramalized onions, bacon and plum sauce. Seriously yummy!


Gelateria Dolce Amore had some delicious gelato specially selected for this event, Hazelnut buttercream and the Strawberry Gelato. Oh my yum! The lovely manager (who’s name escapes us, so sorry!) was so great to chat with, and very friendly. We’ll definitely be back here this summer for a treat.

Gelateria Dolce Amore on Urbanspoon


The Mezcal is a new restaurant on The Drive, and they were very busy on this particular Wednesday night. We had to wait 30 minutes or so for our group of 7, but the restaurant only ended up seating three of us… so needless to say since there are two Food Gays, Adrian waited outside and Jeremy went inside.

Not that impressed with the plate as it seemed to be just chips and dip, and with the crazy wait it just seemed underwhelming.


Here’s the Ceviche and below is the Guacamole.

La Mezcaleria on Urbanspoon


Who knew Via Tevere Had a Pizza Food Truck!? It was just launched on Italian Day.


We’re not sure if Via Tevere is planning to just keep this parked outside their restaurant — which would be a great idea, especially considering how busy they get — or if this guy will be out and about this season. Either way, don’t miss this truck if you see it open for business, as the pizzas they delivered were just as tasty as in-house.


The Pizza Makers were kind enough to let Jeremy in the truck and snap some photos.

Look at that B-E-A-U-tiful dough.


Frank, one of the Via Tevere Pizza makers checkin’ on his pie.


On the left is the Capricciosa Pizza, and on the right is everyone’s favorite, the Margherita Pizza. Both mouth-watering and as delicious as they look.

Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana on Urbanspoon


Five Elements Cafe just opened not too long ago on Commercial Drive, and they were serving quite a large Tasting Plates Menu. As a result, there was some definite confusion to what was ordered for some people. Jeremy’s Bun Bo Hue – Spicy lemongrass Beef & Pork Vermicelli Soup tasted alright. For sure we’re wanting to come back and check it out again on a not so crazy evening.

Five Elements Cafe on Urbanspoon

Like we said, Tasting Plates just seems to be getting more and more popular, and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s always interesting for us to see how different restaurants handle the event, with most rising to the occasion, and the odd one or two sometimes missing the mark.

If you’re thinking you’d like to try one for yourself, there’s another coming up soon — this time in North Vancouver. Tickets are available now.

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