Meet the Makers Expo - Photo
Strathcona is a ‘hood that is near and dear to us. Adrian grew up there, and spent most of his life watching the area develop and slowly morph into what is now considered one of the most popular places to live in Vancouver. The business district is thriving, too, with many young business owners deciding to open shop in the area. For a brief period, we both shared an apartment on Heatley Street, and loved walking our dog at the near by park, or grabbing a bite from Union Market.

Strathcona’s Meet The Maker is a one day event taking place on June 13th at MakerLabs, located at 780 East Cordova. The expo will feature innovators, makers, and entrepreneurs from over a dozen Strathcona businesses. The community-based event will give the public a chance to discover the area’s thriving businesses, while showcasing the future vision for East Hastings and giving the public and community a voice in the change.

The event is completely free, and aims to highlight the amazing talent that is purely Stathcona. It simply must be experienced by anyone who appreciates the history of the city, and wants to learn more about where Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood is heading.

Meet The Makers Expo
Top and bottom left, The Heatley; bottom right, Ed’s Daily

The Meet the Makers Expo will feature 17 Strathcona businesses in the sectors of restaurants, cafes, breweries, and locally made goods and services. The expo will include interactive booths, workshops, demonstrations and complimentary samples of the products that are ‘Made in Strathcona’. Bob Rennie, the leading real estate marketer in Vancouver and the marketer behind Strathcona Village (a mixed use development on East Hastings) will be facilitating a panel discussion with four Strathcona businesses to discuss the SBIA’s plans to revitalize East Hastings. During the discussion, stakeholders will weigh in on their personal connection to Strathcona and what they hope to see implemented as part of the revitalization of East Hastings.

Don’t miss it! Free tickets are available now. Visit for more info, and stay social with @madeinstrathcona.