Yesterday we hit up Eight ½ Restaurant Lounge to check out their SalivEIGHT dining package, courtesy of our friends from VANEATS.

VANEATS is currently offering the SalivEIGHT Dining Package for just $15, so you should definitely not miss out — it’s perfect to share, as this is quite a large meal!


It was our first time here, as previous attempts had us arriving to some serious wait times. It’s usually pretty busy here, but when we arrived for our late lunch (slash early dinner), it was just us and a couple guys at the bar.


We were told we could sit anywhere, so we chose a comfy spot in a corner booth.

Our server informed us they were currently out of the Stanley Park Brun (too bad!), so we’d be having the _________ instead. (We honestly don’t remember. We’re totally not beer guys.)


We liked the Stanley Park 1987 Amber, which we tried recently at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. during Dine Out Vancouver. (Check out our article on GayVancouver!)

The dark one we tried (again, not sure what it was called) wasn’t our favorite, but we don’t usually like dark beers too much.


This is the Baked Brie. Oh my god.

A hunk of brie cheese, wrapped in filo pastry and served up with local honey, sambal oelek, toasted french bread and strawberries. This was absolutely delicious, and we pretty much scraped the plate clean.

Jeremy is now officially a brie convert — before our trip to Eight ½ Restaurant Lounge, he swore he couldn’t stand the stuff.


We want to try and make this at home, it was just so good. Five stars!


We opted for the 8th Avenue Pizza for our main. Hot calabrese, chorizo, banana peppers, with sautéed mushrooms on a thin crust.

It wasn’t as crisp as we would have liked it, so we had to eat it with a knife and fork. They’re definitely generous with the toppings here.

Overall the pizza was just okay for us. We’d give it three stars.


Eight ½ Restaurant Lounge would be a great place to come watch the game.


Overall we had a great time at Eight ½ Restaurant Lounge during our visit. Our server was really friendly, they had speedy service, and a clean, welcoming sports-bar like vibe. If you’re like us and prefer a quieter experience, we’d recommend you stop by during lunch time, as we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

You get some nice options here, and it’s a great share for $15. Head over to VANEATS and get your package before they’re gone!

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