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Yes, yes y’all! It’s time for another VANEATS dining package. Rajio Japanese Public House is currently offering an awesome 4-course package promotion called Rockin’ Rajio for just $18 — including each of the following items:

Today’s Cold Tapas — choose from a variety of daily options

Mini Carpaccio — chef’s choice of 3 kinds of fresh fish

Kushikatsu Set — six delicious deep fried skewers (be sure to try it with all of Rajio’s different sauces like tartar, lemon salt, teriyaki yuzu kosho and onion).

‘Dynamic’ Balsamic Sweet & Sour Pork Rib — pan-fried stewed pork rib marinated in Rajio’s original balsamic sweet sour sauce

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The restaurant is located at 3763 W. 10th, just between Alma and Highbury Street. It was definitely a trip across town for us (about an hour each way on transit), but it’s always cool to see restaurants out of the usual neighbourhoods we frequent.

We brought Mama Food Gay with us for this one, and got her a package to enjoy for herself. When we got there we were surprised to see Sean (Flavor Town Adventures) and Alvin (Eating In Vancouver) were there too! Shortly after Joyce from VanFoodies also stopped in to dine with a friend, so it was practically a full-house of food bloggers with their cameras.

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For the first course, the Cold Tapas, Mom chose the Tako Wasabi, which is chopped raw octopus and pickles marinated in a wasabi flavored sauce.

She really enjoyed this, although unsure at first how to eat it. She ended up spooning it into the seaweed, and sort of rolling it up like a little sushi roll, which worked just fine.

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We opted for the Mackerel Nang-Bang Zuke — marinated deep-fried mackerel in homemade soy vinaigrette broth and vegetables. Jeremy liked this quite a bit, but Adrian didn’t care for it. It does come cooked, so if you’re expecting raw you probably should have read the description, Adrian.

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The ‘mini’ Carpaccio is not really so mini, and it was freaking delicious. Two pieces each of  Salmon, Yellow Tail and Tuna, with pea shoots and tobiko piled on top. The soy and sesame dressing complemented the fish beautifully, and tasted light and fresh.

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Kushikatsu Set — six deep fried chicken, scallop and lotus root skewers, served alongside a variety of Rajio’s sauces like tartar, lemon salt, and teriyaki. These were good, but Jeremy didn’t really care for the crunchy rawness of the lotus root.

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‘Dynamic’ Balsamic Sweet & Sour Pork Rib — pan-fried stewed pork rib marinated in Rajio’s original balsamic sweet sour sauce. This was a nice hearty way to cap off our meal, although we did find our cut to be slightly on the fatty side. Regardless, the marinade had a nice zippy sweetness that complimented the meat, and overall everyone at our table enjoyed the dish.

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Like its sister restaurants Suika and Kingyo, Rajio has a unique and playful charm to its decor and food. Decidedly modern, yet steeped in tradition — Rajio to us seems like a pretty solid representation of the ‘new’ generation of casual Japanese cuisine.

Rajio is open for Dinner everyday from 5:30, and open late on Friday and Saturdays. The Rockin’ Rajio package is on sale now with limited passes available, and we highly recommend you not miss it. For $18 it’s a tremendous value, and a perfect way to try somewhere new.

XX – The Food Gays

Disclaimer: We were invited to review this dining package, however all opinions are 100% ours.

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