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Laminated Reflection

Laminated Reflection

1. Post a reflection on your understanding of laminated dough handling. Consider the following:

a. What factors make the dough harder to handle? Why?

b. Can you think of anything you can do to make the dough easier to handle?

c. What challenges did you encounter when making your laminated dough and what did you learn from this experience? What will you do differently next time, explain why?


Last week went by really fast, we learned multiple different make-up procedures for specific products with laminated doughs. For instance we learned to make:

Puff Pastry Dough –  Turnovers, cheese straw, strudels, eccles cakes, sausage rolls

Croissant Dough White/ Whole Wheat – Regular Croissant, Cheese Croissant & Chocolate Croissant

Danish Pastry Dough – Pull Throughs, Diamonds and also the Rosettes

There were some instances in the day where other students dough was heating up, due to all the ovens being on also the dough being out on the bench too long. When the heat in the room is hotter then the butter can ruin the layers you have folded into the dough.

Always let your dough REST (relax) in the refrigerator or freezer. When you let your dough REST, think of elastic bands being pulled then relaxed it s the same idea for dough.When handling any kind of laminated dough it is always best to handle it COLD, even put it in the freezer for 10 minutes to give it some help. You don’t want the butter to melt and affect the layers.

Some challenges I have found with laminated dough is avoiding rolling the dough out too thin and also ensuring I get my exact measurements. Its definalty a work in progress I feel I am getting better as the days progress.

I am making more of an effort to cut straight with the pastry cutter and more comfortable improvising my length and width just in-case I or the dough sheeter make the dough it too long on one side and  how can I fix it!?  I.E. Today I was making Apple Turnovers and my dough size is to be 13.5 ” X 27.0″ But I ended up with 18″X 22.5″ basically as long as the dough is to make 4.5″ squares to make turnovers.

Also I will be working on croissants, today I accidentally over-proofed my chocolate croissants and the butter melted out! :(






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The Food Gays are Jeremy and Adrian, two Vancouver men who love food.

One comment

  1. HI Jeremy
    Thanks for your reflection. For clarification how does a hot room “ruin the layers”? Tell me more….what will the final product look like? I like the elastic band example this is true, however for laminated doughs your goal is to develop the initial dough seventy five percent, as it will be further developed during the lamination process. Yes keeping your dough cold is important, however it starts with cold liquids. Also using an acid such as vinegar or cream of tartar will assist in making the dough more extensible and easier to stretch without tearing. You have captured some key points, however in future post I would like to encourage you to “dig a little deeper” into your answers and examine ways that you can incorporate your personal experience, to truly analyze and synthesis the information and your learn as they relate to the concepts.
    Your pictures shows some beautiful products, it might have been good to include the pics from the over proofed croissants, as I am sure you are aware, visuals are a very powerful way to put into memory of what to look for next time.

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