Last week we were invited to join an Exclusive Chocolate Tasting Night at Koko Monk, a chocolate shop new to the Kitsilano neighbourhood. We joined other local bloggers, journalists and photographers to enjoy a feast of some highly unique, hand-crafted chocolates — as well as some delicious wines from Kitsilano Wine Celar.
Founded by chocolatier Paul Dincer, Koko Monk creates treats unlike anything you’ve had before. Aiming to elevate our city’s taste for  the exotic, these handmade, hand-painted confections are truly original in their flavour profiles. Made from Belgian chocolate and 80% raw ingredients, Koko Monk’s chocolates are both “complex and sophisticated,” playing on senses and moods — and telling a story with each one.

Koko Monk-2-2
We were lucky enough to try six different chocolates, each tasted blind. These means we weren’t told what we were eating until after we’d eaten it, and it was interested to see all the different suggestions the room gave before we’d be told the answer. Usually we’d be surprised, while some were able to detect some notes in particular.
Koko Monk-10
The thing about Paul’s chocolates is, the combinations are so intense that it was hard at times to truly identify what you were tasting. It was interesting to try and dissect each piece, and break down the flavours in layers. As Paul told us right from the start — this chocolate was not for chewing.

“Flavour is everything,” Paul says. “Chocolate has become predictable; I want my chocolate to wake up your taste buds.”

And that it did. With infusions like Blue Cheese chocolate, curry and coconut, and balsamic vinegar caramel with sea salt — Koko Monk is not your average chocolate shop.

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Koko Monk-5Koko Monk-4Koko Monk-3Koko Monk-2

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Visit Koko Monk at 1849 West 1st Avenue, and enjoy a sample recomended by Paul himself, have a Turkish coffee and stay a while. Their outdoor patio is perfect for sunny days, too.

Our thanks to Joanne Probyn at ReadyGo Media and Koko Monk for having us to this Exclusive Chocolate Tasting Night. Also a big thank you to the sponsors who helped make the evening possible, including Suki’s Salons, Costen Catbalue Goldsmith & Design and Hilary Miles Flowers.

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