For us, November is all about getting cozy and welcoming the forthcoming winter season with open warms. Not to sound stereotypically Canadian or anything, but it’s pretty dull and grey most months out of the year here — despite living on the West Coast. We aren’t complaining, though. When November hits, it’s like almost immediately we find ourselves drawn to more lush fabrics and furnishings, and this season there’s a ton of beautiful home and lifestyle goods that keep both comfort and design top of mind.

Meik Wiking, the author behind the hygge lifestyle movement which swept North America in 2016, can likely be credited with the subtle shift towards a more minimalist, ultra-relaxed design inspiration we’re seeing just about everywhere these days. This year is all about “lykke,” which means happiness — and these are just a handful of beautiful picks that are bringing us joy these days. Simply click the links to shop the items, or to learn more.

Cozy Knit Ivory Throw - Crate and Barrel

Jeremy’s Pick – Cozy Knit Ivory Throw – Crate and Barrel $295 | Image: Crate and Barrel

I just wanna wrap myself up in this here knit blanket, drink hot cocoa (with oversized marshmallows) and watch the snowfall from my window. That cool with you? These cozy knit blankets are seen just about everywhere in home decor these days, and it’s just a matter of time before we cave and get one for ourself.

Brass Salt Spoon - Nineteen Ten

Adrian’s Pick –  Brass Salt Spoon – Nineteen Ten $28 | Image: Nineteen Ten

This gorgeous little handmade copper salt spoon was too cute to resist. Handmade by artist Madison Etheridge, the brilliant mind behind mlkanhny, this is most definitely a new treasured item in our collection.

Tondo 9” Acacia Wood Plate - Crate and Barrel

Jeremy’s Pick – Tondo 9” Acacia Wood Plate – Crate and Barrel $11.95 | Image: Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel has been coming out with some brilliant pieces this season, and these Acacia Wood Plates are some of our favourites. The Tondo collection also features a number of different sized plates, bowls, serving platters and other vessels to complete the look.

Adrian’s Pick – Encre Noire Sport – Amazon $45.31 | Image: Lalique

In case you didn’t know, I’m basically a fragrance nerd, and I love to acquire new scents. It makes sense — cooking and fragrance are so closely tied together — so it’s really no surprise that my olfactory obsession has taken shape throughout the years. Lalique is one of my favourite fragrance houses, creating niche-quality scents with a budget price tag. Encre Noire Sport is the flanker of it’s original predecessor, Encre Noire. It contains much of the original’s DNA, with a fresher, slightly more citrus-forward, aromatic opening. It’s bright topnotes of grapefruit and cyprus are a bit in your face at first, but once it settles, it opens up into a refined spicy, green and slightly floral scent (thanks to lavender); much less polarizing than its big brother. It packs a ton of bourbon vetiver, so one spray is more than enough.

Jeremy’s Pick – Vinter Bowl – IKEA $2.99 | Image: IKEA

This adorable little bowl is part of IKEA’s Vinter Collection, which has a ton of adorable Christmas-inspired items to decorate your home with. This heart-shaped knit pattern is so cute, and would look great with some little chocolates or other treats tucked inside. ’Tis (nearly) the season!