A box of Hippie Cookies landed on our doorstep recently, and we’ll be honest with you… we were a bit skeptical. What exactly are Hippie Cookies? We don’t consider ourselves hippies, nor do we eat all that healthy most of the time — so you would forgive us for raising an eyebrow at the promise of a gluten-free, organic, “good for you” snack actually tasting good.

Boy were we wrong! Upon first bite we could tell right away that Hippie Cookies were decidedly different, and unlike anything else we’d had before. They’re dense, chewy and very satisfying — almost like a cross between a granola bar and a energy bar, except it actually tastes appetizing.

Made from raw, whole food ingredients like nuts, coconut, lemon, vanilla and cacao, these puppies really do walk the walk when it comes to offering a healthy alternative to empty calorie snacking, something we’re all guilty of at some time or another.

Hippie Cookies-8

Packed with protein, fiber, minerals and heart-healthy fats, Hippie Cookies come in three tasty flavours: Chocolate Cashew, Lemon Coconut and Vanilla Almond. All three were great, but the Vanilla Almond was our favourite of the bunch, with Lemon Coconut as a close second place.

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“Everybody enjoys a good cookie,” says Ian Walker, president and founder of Left Coast Naturals, makers of Hippie Cookies. “But wouldn’t it be more satisfying if it tastes good and is good for your body? We thought — there’s more than one way to make a cookie. So we chose to make ours with pure, unadulterated, nutrient-packed foods.”

Hippie Cookies taste good for you, but they don’t sacrifice the satisfaction of snacking. Never using artificial additives or heavy processing, they’re made with no more than seven simple ingredients, are non GMO, raw and vegan. Instead of being baked like a traditional cookie, Hippie Cookies are treated with a mild dehydration process which preserves their vital nutrients and flavour.

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You can find Hippie Cookies at most natural retailers, or for more information visit their website.

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