Our friends at Google recently sent us the new Google Home to try out, and boy are we having fun with it! We’re both geeks at heart, and this futuristic gadget has been a cool little bit of tech that’s been both enjoyable and useful in our trial so far.  

Google Home is powered by Google Assistant, and is connected to your Google account. You can do everything from schedule appointments, play music, or ask it a question — the options are kind of endless. If you’re the type of person who likes “Googling” things in general (which, admittedly we are), we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the convince of just saying “Okay Google,” and having information delivered right away, out loud. This couldn’t be more true when we’re working in the kitchen, elbows-deep in food or drink related matters, and could use a hand.

Google Home does all the heavy lifting, so to speak, and makes the idea of smart home products a lot more appealing to us. You can even have it create a shopping list for you, or ask it about ingredient substitutions. “Okay Google, what’s a good substitute for vermouth?”

It also makes streaming with Chromecast a breeze. Simply ask Google to play, for example, a video on Youtube, or a show on Netflix — et voila, it will pop right up on your television screen. It also connects with other smart home devices, like your lights and thermostat. The future is now, people!

We had some fun playing Google Home’s game show while we shot these sumptuous Frozen Negronis. The recipe is from Serious Eats, and let us just say, they’re basically everything a Negroni should be, in slushy form.

Hello, summer! 

For more information about Google Home, hit up Google’s website.

This post is sponsored by Google.