Dining at Forage always feels like a treat for us. There is something about the charm of the room, the friendly staff and of course the memorable food that completely encompass what makes a ‘good night out’. Last week we were invited to experience Chef Whittaker’s Forage for Fish dinner, a four-course meal which paid homage to Forage’s unwavering commitment to sustainable seafood.

We were joined by other media and food writers, including Judith Lane, Tim Pawsey of Hired Belly, Claire and Teddy from Ocean Wise, and Cassandra Anderton of Good Life In Vancouver.

Forage for Fish Dinner

For our canapé we enjoyed Chef Whittaker’s award-winning seafood chowder, topped with a soft-poached egg and smoked chicharrón. Heart-warming, creamy and delicious, this couldn’t have been more perfectly suited for a chilly February evening.

We paired this with Forage’s signature Brutus caesar, made with house-made clamato juice and rimmed with crackling and fennel salt. #MAJOR! If you’re a caesar fan on any level, you’ve got to try this one.

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Our first course was the diver-caught octopus salad, served with grilled sunchoke, sourdough crisps, pickled yellowfoot chanterelle mushroom and aioli. This was fresh, light and beautifully balanced. It paired wonderfully with Nichol Pinot Gris, a gorgeous salmon-hued wine from Naramata, BC. with subtle hints of peach and grapefruit.

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Our second course was a tasting of Pacific Provider salmon treated three ways. Grilled salmon collar and belly, tataki with roe, and fir tip and meyer lemon cured. All three were great, with the tataki being both our favorites. During our dinner we got to hear from Rick and Lynn of Pacific Provider, who told us about how devoted they are to small-scale production of only the highest quality products.

Pacific Provider’s owner Rick Burns explained how their fish are processed at sea — gutted, cleaned and flash frozen in a glaze of clean ocean water to ensure that the fish will remain at the peak of freshness until they arrive on consumers’ tables.

This course was paired with Laughing Stock Blind Trust white. You can read more about it here.

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Talk about a beautiful bowl of shellfish. Dungeness crab, clams, mussels, oyster, and humpback shrimp in a lovely broth — perfect for soaking up with hunks of grilled sourdough, made in-house of course.

Blasted Church Hatfield’s Fuse was paired with this course, which had aromas of tropical and orchard fruits and hits citrus.

Forage for Fish Dinner-11 Forage for Fish Dinner-12 Forage for Fish Dinner-13

By the time dessert hit our table, we’d almost hit our max. But there was still room for a little sample of each, paired with a lovely Salt Spring Island Blackberry Port, which was not overly sweet for a dessert wine.

There’s always something different going on at Forage, with the next dinner titled Taking the Sting out of Nettles, taking place on April 24. Celebrate Spring with Chef Chris Whittaker and his first batch of nettles, cress and spring greens. Paired with spring released wines, this dinner will put the bounce back in your step. Keep an eye on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay in the loop!

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Disclaimer: Our meal was courtesy of Forage, however all opinions are always ours.