It’s probably not the most popular thing to say, but the holiday season for us is relatively stress free, personally speaking. We’re lucky in that both our families have their own things going on, and there isn’t a ton of unrealistic expectations or pressures on us during this time of year. If anything, we get the easy job of showing up, and having a great time with the people we love.

We don’t throw a lot of holiday parties in our apartment, well, mostly due to space restrictions – but when we do have a few friends over, no one is complaining about the size of our living room.

Recently we had a few of our best girlfriends over, and with some help from Boursin, created an easy yet irresistible spread of goodies that everyone enjoyed.

Boursin makes every party platter complete!

You know Boursin – it’s that round, irresistibly soft cheese wrapped in foil that we’ve all grown to love over the years. Boursin’s story began in northwest France in 1957, when Normandy cheese maker François Boursin set up a factory producing soft cheese. Some 50 years later, the brand’s first flavour, Garlic & Herbs, is still a household fave. There’s six different varieties available now, all perfect for enjoying with your next charcuterie, or simply schmeared on some crackers or bread.

No matter how simple or luxurious; easy, delicious fare is what the holidays are all about.

If you’re having a small gathering, consider keeping things simple, like the photograph above. A few key elements, such as fresh fruit, nuts, olives, a crispy cracker or toasted baguette, honey, fruit spreads and good wine can all enhance the delicious taste and texture that Boursin is famous for. You can scale these items up or down, depending on the size of crowd you’re entertaining. We hope no matter how you spend the holiday season, that it’s a time spent with those you love, enjoying good food and laughs.

This post was sponsored by Boursin. All words and images are ours.