Lunch at Curry Zone

Last weekend while walking home from Burnaby Heights, we decided to pop in to Curry Zone on East Hastings for a quick bite. We’d been walking a while and were a little hungry, so we thought we’d check out their Lunch Special, which we’ve heard good things about.

They even have a giant banner on their window outside inviting you to come in and try it, so we thought hey — we’ll give this place a try. We don’t usually eat a lot of Indian food, not that we don’t like it, but it’s generally a bit expensive and not our first choice.

But we’d been hearing good things about Curry Zone. It has positive customer reviews on Urbanspoon, and talk is their lunch special is pretty great.

When we entered we walked directly up to the back counter, as the gentleman seemed to be waiting there for us. We asked him what their lunch special was today, to which he silently handed us a laminated menu with about 12 or so items on it. We both opted for the wraps, as they were the (seemingly) lightest, and cheapest options. Starting at just $6.95 each, the lunch prices at Curry Zone are pretty great.

Once we told him our order, he blankly replied “For here or to go.” There were about four or five other tables seated, and we weren’t in any rush, so we said we’d like to stay. With a motion of his hand he pointed to the general direction of the window seats. Okay then!

Once seated, we couldn’t help but observe the decor was a little confusing. The restaurant is clean, but there were Christmas and Valentine’s decorations scattered all over the place (strange seeing as it’s March), and Japanese lanterns still installed from its previous owners, Sushi Zone.

Our food arrived moderately fast — about a 15 minute wait. The portion sizes were surprisingly large, and we both sort of eye-balled each other as the plates were presented.

We ordered the chicken wrap, above, and the vegetable wrap, below — which each come with a side salad with no dressing and a pop.

The portions were huge, yes, but the flavours really weren’t. The naan bread was good enough, but the vegetable and chicken fillings were both served at such high temperatures, it was hard to really taste anything. Half the time eating was spent blowing on its contents, and trying not to burn yourself.

We won’t judge Curry Zone too harshly on this one sole experience, especially as all we had was two lunch combos. But it’s never fun to have poor service, or a server who is rude. This alone was enough for us to probably not come again.

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