Last weekend we were invited to be guests at Mosaic Bar & Grille located at The Hyatt Regency Vancouver, to experience the latest Chef Tasting Menu from Executive Chef Thomas Heinrich.

Heinrich has been creating some beautiful Tasting Menus recently, and we were eager to see what he’d come up with for his latest, on now until June 28.

We joined other bloggers for the evening, including Dee from Gastrofork, Sean from Sean’s Adventures In Flavour Town, May and Dennis from Pangcouver, Melissa from Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach, and Caroline from Food Persuasion, for what would surely be a gastronomic treat for the senses.

This impressive five course tasting is priced at just $45 per person, or $65 with optional wine pairings with each course.


First course: Roasted Sweet Corn Bouillon with tomato, Chanterelle mushrooms and feta foam.


As always, Mosaic never skimps on presentation. We loved watching our server delicately pour the bouillon into our oversized soup bowl.

This was a flavorful dish, and a perfect opener to the meal. Chef Heinrich mentioned that the sweetness of the corn will intensify the later we get into the season, so perhaps this was a lighter version of what’s to come. The feta foam was our favorite part. So delicate, almost fleeting — it’s there but not, if that makes any sense — and kind of disappears into the broth as you eat it.


Second course: G.B.E. Heirloom Tomato Salad with basil Gel, pickle okra and aged parmesan. This was a lovely salad, and we particularly enjoyed the dehydrated ‘tomato chips’, which Chef Heinrich revealed were simply prepared in the microwave.


Third course: Skuna Bay Sockeye Salmon with sweet garlic gnocchi and sorrel. The salmon was tender and succulent, and the garlic gnocchi was superb. Chef Heinrich snuck some roasted garlic pieces in there for some extra oomph.


Fourth course: Taleggio D.O.P. from Italy. (Stinky Cheese) with Fig Jam and pistachio tuile. This was really tasty, and a perfect wind-down before our last course. Crunchy, savory and sweet, it worked in a very odd way. Someone at the table compared it to Oatmeal — and we personally would have no problem eating this for breakfast!


Fifth course: Watermelon Panna Cotta with black pepper and lemon Sorbet. This really was as good as it looked, and was Jeremy’s fave of the night. Fresh, bright and perfect for summer.

The first thing Chef Heinrich said when he presented it to the table was “don’t ask me how we make it on an angle,” so naturally that was the first thing we did. And no, we wouldn’t tell us.

If you’re looking for something different, we can’t recommend Mosaic enough. Beyond their amazing service, great atmosphere and fantastic location, the food speaks volumes, and we’re always impressed by Chef Heinrich’s creativity and skills.

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Disclaimer: We attended Mosaic as Media Guests, however all opinions are 100% ours.