The 2014 Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival

The race

Attention cheese lovers! Who wants to chase an 11 pound wheel of cheese?…. Um, we would if we didn’t have to work, but we encourage you to go and take part in the Canadian Cheese Rolling festival, taking place August 16 from 12 to 4:00 pm in Whistler, BC. This year will be the seventh year… 

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Modern Chinatown Tasting Tour

Chinatown Tour |

Growing up in Strathcona (a neighborhood just outside of Chinatown) and going to school in Marpole (essentially the other side of town) was a bit of a weird childhood experience. Most of my friends had never even been to Chinatown, as it was mostly a collection of run-down fruit and veggie stands, Chinese tea shops,… 

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Beat The Heat @ Bel Cafe

Bel Café Gourmet Popsicles

The dog days of summer are here, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably reaching for something frozen and sweet to help keep you cool. But since we don’t always have time to make frozen desserts at home, we were eager to sample the new line of gourmet popsicles and ice creams from David… 

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Blogging Income Report: Month 3

Blogging Income Report

Hi everyone! Adrian here, back for month three of our Blogging Income Report project. If you’re new to these posts, feel free to check out our first posts here and here to get caught up on the progress we’ve been making. This month has been a busy one for us personally, but we’ve definitely been… 

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Mango Lime Agua Fresca

mango lime agua fresca |

Agua Fresca is Spanish or Portuguese for “fresh water,” and is often made up of pureed fruits and water, mixed with flowers, herbs or seeds. Okay, okay. I might have bought a bunch of mangos at the market late last week with no immediate plan for them. Buuuut, they were on sale for like .66… 

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Matcha Yogurt Pops + A Giveaway

matcha yogurt pops |

These are everything they’re cracked up to be. Luscious, green, and totally good for you. Plus, they’re caffeinated, so that’s always a bonus… so long as you’re not craving one at midnight. Things have been stupid busy for us. Jeremy got a new job (yay!) and we are thrilled to say that Milo has finally… 

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Double Stuffed Oreo Ice Cream

oreo ice cream |

Guys, it’s National Ice Cream Day. And of course, it’s pouring rain outside. Figures right? But that’s not stopping us from chowing down on some ice-cold goodness. And when you’ve got some Double Stuffed Oreo Ice Cream in your freezer, you’d agree too. This stuff is money. We were intrigued by a recipe for a… 

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‘Flavors of Sinaloa’ Pop-Up Dinner Series

Flavours of Sinaloa Pop-Up Dinner Series

Mazatlan’s Chef Alastair Porteous is teaming up with Big Lou’s and Gringo, creating “Flavours of Sinaloa” pop-up dinner series next week in Gastown. Big Lou’s Butcher Shop and Gringo are welcoming good friend and superb chef Alastair Porteous to Vancouver for a series of special Mexican dining events. A chef for 25 years, Alastair has… 

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